Misewell was established by brothers, Vincent and Paul Georgeson, with the belief that furnishing your home is about more than just making your home look good. They’re dedicated to their mission of designing well-made objects for the home that are not only beautiful and functional, but ethically and sustainably produced. Each piece is thoughtfully designed by Misewell and hand-made in their studio, or by skilled artists and craftspeople in communities across the United States.

Bespoke products at fair prices.

Have you noticed our prices haven’t risen at the same pace as everyone else? That’s because we don’t order shipping containers full of products from far away manufacturers that we barely know. Our products don’t even ship across the ocean, and never sit for months in ports. That’s because the majority of what we sell is made in-house. We may not sell as many products this way, but that’s okay. Our goal isn’t to fill the world with our products. We’re happy with our niche group of design-loving, earth conscious people that put in the work to find something special.